Carroll Innovative Manufacturing is a vertically integrated full-service mold-maker.  The Company offers a multitude of services including custom mold design, specializing in EPS, EPP, EPE, Thermoform, Urethane, and other aluminum molds. Our in-house service areas include mold design, pattern, casting, CNC machining, assembly, and specialty coatings.

  • New mold construction
  • Mold repair and refurbishing
  • Mold conversions
  • Mold Revisions
  • Spare parts and components
  • Teflon® coating (New and Recoating)
  • Mold design and solid modeling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Foam sample cutting
  • Pattern and model making
  • Aluminum casting
  • Contract machining
  • Design
  • Pattern/Casting
  • CNC
  • Assembly
  • Coatings

Quality Guarantee

Accurate information is essential to produce a quality product. After an order is placed our design and project managers will work with you to produce a detailed and efficient design utilizing the latest solid modelling design software and technology.

  • All new projects begin with a customer supplied solid part model, or if not available, we can create a solid part model for customer approval.
  • We can utilize existing paper drawings, foam samples, working models, or simply a part concept to create accurate solid part models and/or mold layouts.
  • We can import your supplied data and specifications in a variety of electronic formats.
  • We can reverse engineer or verify existing products with state-of-the-art 3D digitizing equipment.
  • We utilize SolidWorks to produce production details and identify potential problem areas. On a mold build, solid modeling allows identification of specific mold details, such as interference issues, ejection concerns, proper cooling, water drainage and/or other problems.
  • Issues identified and visualized at the design stage enable adjustment prior to the actual production process.
  • Once a design has been approved by the customer and released, production instructions are prepared to ensure an accurate project completion.

Why CIM?

Carroll Innovative Manufacturing creates partnerships designed to increase productivity and reduce total costs for its customers. Our team of professionals delivers mold building at a competitive price and lead time that impacts the bottom line. Additional advantages of partnering with us include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions designed to increase productivity and save time and money
  • The highest quality mold designers and machinists in the industry
  • Streamlined processes designed to provide expertise and short lead times
  • In-house capabilities delivering mold building
  • Safe and green business practices designed to support workplace and environmental safety

Mold Components

Carroll Innovative Manufacturing produces and supplies a wide variety of mold components and wear items for all common EPS and EPP molding presses and molds. Whether it be major components such as receiver frames, extension frames and press adapter frames, or basic wear and replacement parts like ejector bushing seals, Teflon coated vents, or  O-ring stock, we can accommodate your component and replacement part needs.

  • Receiver Frames
  • Extension Frames
  • Mold Adapter Frames
  • Ejector Heads
  • Ejector Bushings
  • Ejector Seals
  • Replacement Ejector Seats
  • Alignment Pins
  • Fillguns & Accessories
  • Cooling Components
  • Replacement Vents
  • Tefloned Vents
  • Lifting Fixtures
  • Mold handling Carts
  • Custom Solutions to address your unique needs

Feel Free to Contact Us

We would love to here from you! For general Inquiries/ comments/ questions please contact us.

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